The M+A Partners Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) committee meets on a monthly basis to provide structure and impetus to our actions around reducing our carbon footprint and the direct impact we have on the environment.

Here is the first in a series of blogs to give you an insight into some of our ESG achievements and aims moving forwards.

We have signed up to the UK Business Climate Hub, committing to be net zero carbon by 2023. To achieve this target, we are very much focused on the specific steps we need to take to enable us to quantify the sustainability impact of our operations. We are engaging with an external provider so we can report our current carbon output and develop ways to reduce this going forwards.

Concentrating on specific areas at a time helps us to identify where we can be more efficient and kinder to our planet! Current focus points include the suppliers we work with; the energy efficiency of our lightbulbs, motion sensors and hand dryers; the products we use; and our recycling and waste management.

We are also excited to be supporting several charities throughout 2023, with different fundraising activities planned for the remainder of the year. Our ‘Spotlight Talks’ are a fantastic way of learning all about the initiatives of local charities, as we welcome a speaker into the office to share their mission and the incredible work they do.

Keep an eye on our social channels for further fundraising news and to see how we are supporting our community and the environment we share.

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