Every year, M+A Partners runs a Trainee Programme welcoming graduates and school leavers to the firm across a variety of roles within our Tax, Accounts or Audit teams.

Our programmes are designed to make it possible for new recruits to develop their business skills whilst completing more formal training and studying towards a professional qualification.

Eddie Webster joined us as a Trainee Tax Adviser, joining shortly before the busy tax returns season. Here he shares an insight into life as a Trainee at M+A Partners.

Eddie Webster

I quickly settled into my role as a Trainee at M+A Partners and after only a few months with the firm felt I had progressed significantly from where I started, both professionally and as an individual.

I have a couple of notable experiences that really stand out so far. Firstly, contending with my first January whilst working in tax! This is a very eventful month for the tax team, with everyone pulling together to make sure the returns are filed to schedule. As we approached the final few days of the month, and an increasing number of returns had been completed, there was a great sense of achievement and accomplishment. I felt like I dealt with the challenge of tax return season well, especially given the short amount of time I had been with the firm. This wouldn’t have been possible without the training and assistance I had received in the weeks and months prior to this, and all the support from my fellow team members.

My second notable experience is on a more social level and that has to be the Christmas Quiz. Despite not being able to have the normal M+A Christmas party, the firm still wanted to ensure some form of get-together for everyone. The quiz was a really enjoyable evening, with lots of laughs and camaraderie – I will definitely look forward to more events like this in the future.

I am now focusing on completing my ATT qualification, with my first exam on the horizon in May. Attaining my ATT certification will give me a great sense of achievement, both in respect to my own professional development, but also in the sense that I will be able to give something back to the firm and to apply my increased knowledge to the jobs I work on.”


We have an opportunity for a school leaver or graduate to join our 2023 Trainee Programme as a Trainee Tax Adviser. Click here to find out more about trainee opportunities within M+A Partners. 

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