I joined the team here at M+A Partners in January 2020, working as an Accounts Trainee with a specific interest in Agriculture.

Farming plays a large role in my life – I spend most of my time away from the office working on the farm. Farming is also a significant aspect of both my profession and social agenda, which naturally led to my decision to join the Diss Young Farmers Club (YFC).

The YFC is completely geared up for creating events that enable lots of like-minded young people to get together – helping to grow both your confidence and peer network. Socials are a plenty, with parties, dinner dances, quizzes and sporting endeavours and of course we do get together to chat agriculture and other interests we all have in common.

Professionally, the YFC means I have access to and support with a wide range of courses – both within agriculture but also across lots of other practical areas, such as driving tests and professional courses.

The club is really welcoming and thrives on diversity, you don’t need to be a farmer to take part in everything it has to offer. We undertake various charity fundraisers, and these certainly unleash the competitive spirit of each club as we attempt to better each other’s fundraising efforts!

The Diss YFC also takes part in exchanges with different clubs across the UK, which is such a positive experience and there is real solidarity and friendship formed between the members of these clubs.

No-one is ever short of enthusiasm in YFC and I have found it to be a really worthwhile organisation to be part of. You can find out more about what we do at https://www.norfolkyfc.co.uk/

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