I joined M+A Partners at the Cromer office back in March 2019 after working at another practice for a number of years where I completed my AAT qualification and gained MAAT status.

I am currently studying towards my ACCA qualification alongside my role as Accounts Assistant in the office, where I get to work closely with a wide range of clients, helping them in different areas such as Accounts, Tax and VAT. I really enjoy being part of the team here in Cromer and the varied work that we have makes the day interesting.

When I’m not in the M+A Cromer office, I have a range of interests to keep me busy.

Bryony Manger

Here are four facts so you can get to know me a little better:

1.) I love learning new languages. I really enjoy picking up words and phrases from other languages and I studied French right up to A level which was brilliant. It would be fantastic to spend time in small French villages, enjoying the culture and speaking the language. C’est mon rêve!

2.) When I was younger I either wanted to be an author or a physicist – very different jobs! I love to read and would often have multiple books on the go, so naturally I thought an author was the way to go, it wasn’t until later that I discovered reading books and writing them are very different things. The physics side came about because I always said I wanted to know ‘everything’ and studying the universe and everything in it seemed like a good place to start. I found studying physics really fascinating, there is so much to learn!

3.) I really love to cook fresh meals from scratch and try to do it whenever I can. I enjoy foods from all different cultures, with the favourites at home being Mexican, Indian, and Thai food. A cookery class to learn how to conjure up even more recipes is definitely on my to do list.

4.) In the office it is known that I have the best cheese jokes around. It is slightly odd for someone who doesn’t like cheese to know so many cheese jokes, but it keeps everyone else entertained.  😊

What does the cheese say to itself in the mirror? HALLOU-MI!