Head Rent and Turnover Rent

Head Rent

As a landlord, managing property involves a significant amount of financial administration. At M+A Partners, we can help you manage and understand your financial reporting requirements. Head Rent calculations can be complex, and therefore benefit from a professional review.

If you have a superior lease over a building, and out of this headlease subleases are granted, then you will be required to make Head Rent calculations in accordance with the Head Lease agreement.

We review your Head Rent calculations, making sure that the income figure used in the calculation is both accurate and complete. Our team also check that the permitted deduction used in the Head Rent calculation is supported by appropriate documentation.

Turnover Rent

An increasing number of retail tenants require their landlords to charge rent based on the reported turnover of their unit. As a landlord, you need to understand what is included in the unit’s reported turnover figure – this could include physical store sales and an understand of how returns, loyalty cards and concession incomes are accounted for.

We review turnover used in the calculation of the turnover rent, analysing the varying components of turnover and reporting on daily, weekly and monthly trends. Our experienced team will make sure that the turnover components are as set out within the definition of turnover in the lease.