Companies should be vigilant of a scam letter purporting to be from Companies House and requesting payment for Enhanced Web Filing Access.

The letter states that failure to make a payment of £48 will result in the suspension of web filing benefits. It is primarily targeting newly formed companies at their registered office address.

Companies House have confirmed that this is a scam letter and recipients should not visit any webpage or QR code link and no payments should be made to the details shown.

The letter can be reported to Companies House by calling 0303 1234 500.

An example of the letter is shown below:

Scam Letter Page 1
Scam Letter Page 2

There are several scams circulating, with fraudulent letters, emails, and telephone calls alleging to be from Companies House, including:

  • Asking for payment of a late filing penalty;
  • Requesting an authentication code;
  • Asking for director’s details;
  • Requiring online identification to be completed;
  • Making a correction to avoid legal action;
  • Downloading a copy of an application; and
  • Verifying a password.

Always be cautious and never click on any links or provide any payment details without verifying the communication is genuine.

Details of Companies House-related scams and what to do if you have spotted a scam can be found by clicking here.