There is currently a bogus phone scam which informs you that HMRC is filing a lawsuit against you unless a payment of outstanding tax is made.

This is a scam and you should end the call immediately.

Similar scams may offer a tax refund and request you to provide your bank or credit card information. If you cannot verify the identity of the caller, HMRC recommend that you do not speak to them.

You will never receive an email, text message or phone call from HMRC Revenue and Customs (HMRC) which:

  • Tells you about a tax rebate or penalty
  • Asks for your personal or payment information

You can report something suspicious to HMRC’s phishing team here.

If you have been a victim of the scam and suffered financial loss, report it to Action Fraud.

You can also call us on 01603 227600 if you receive a call of this nature and would like to discuss it further with one of our tax advisers.