The school resource management self-assessment tool checklist is now open for academy trusts to complete and return by Tuesday 15 March 2022.

This self-assessment checklist helps academy trusts to verify that they have appropriate financial management and governance arrangements and are able to identify areas for change to ensure resources are used to support high-quality teaching.

The 2021-22 self-assessment checklist must be submitted by all academy trusts with an open academy on 31 December 2021.

Academies that are completing the checklist might find it helpful to refer to the 2021-22 checklist support notes.

A self-assessment dashboard is also available, providing red, amber or green (RAG) ratings against a school’s data that shows how it compares with similar schools and nationally recognised bandings. Self-assessment dashboards can be found by searching for your school on the schools financial benchmarking website.

The self-assessment checklist should be submitted using this online form.