Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP is a fast growing activity, but really took off in Norfolk last summer. I think this is as a result of people not being able to travel further afield and realising that we have some great waterways to explore in this county.

I’ve always liked visiting the Broads and as soon as I saw more and more people seeming to be living their best lives on a board I decided I needed to give it a try, and I was immediately hooked.

After buying my own inflatable board as a Christmas present to myself, I waited for the weather to be slightly kinder and had a few short paddles on some local rivers and got used to having the nice arm workout of pumping the board up. I was then lucky enough to find out Norfolk Paddleboards were running social evenings. The social evenings helped with being more confident on the water, and due to the accessibility of the sport meant I had the pleasure of meeting so many different people this summer.

I love that SUP is so versatile. I have paddled fast as a work out, or gently as a stress reliever. I have been paddling quietly alone and gone looking for kingfishers, but then the next weekend dressed up as a dinosaur and partied on the river with my other SUP friends.

Going forward I would love to get more people into SUP but to do it safely, and as such I have recently trained and qualified with the Water Skills Academy as a Foundation SUP instructor, hoping to teach beginners next year.

You’re now most likely to see me paddling on the Wensum through the city centre or on the Yare but I have also enjoyed exploring the Broads and have been lucky enough to pack up my board and go further afield to the Lake District. Yes I have fallen into the water multiple times, but sometimes that has been on purpose and that is part of the fun! If you do see a lady on a blue or flowery board it is likely to be me so give me a wave! And if it’s something you’re interested in trying I recommend looking up for lessons or the safety videos on


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