Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee includes enthusiastic individuals that are committed to taking steps to help us achieve a sustainable future and exploring ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our decisions about how we work and the people we work with take the environment and the impact we have on it into consideration.

Minimising waste

We work to minimise waste across the firm, including the material resources we use, the energy we consume and the emissions we produce.


Recycling is actively promoted across each of our offices, with paper, cardboard, printer cartridges and food waste all being recycled rather than added to general waste.


When it comes to suppliers, we support local and are fortunate to have a fantastic range of businesses on our doorstep – this all helps to reduce the environmental impact of transporting goods. We want to ensure we make the right, ethical choices in each of our buying decisions.

Our printers only use paper that comes from fully sustainable, forests – for every tree harvested, at least two trees are planted.


We are a business member of Treekly and circulate a regular ‘leaderboard’ to encourage our team to maintain a daily walking habit of over 5,000 steps. Our steps add up to fund trees in global sites, planting our own virtual forest. Treekly also encourages team members that live locally to walk rather than drive into the office.