Our History

We are proud of the M+A history and over 100 years’ experience that has helped to create the firm we are today.

It All Started on Haymarket

Our heritage dates back to 1917, the year in which Mr Martin, a straw and hay dealer who, in the Great War, was employed by the government to supply the army, and Mr Acock – an incorporated accountant, established a new accountancy firm. They called it Martin and Acock and moved into offices in Norwich’s Haymarket, fitting for Mr Martin!

George Dugdale, grandfather of current partner Chris, joined the firm in the 1920s and, after taking his exams, became a Fellow of the Society of Accountants and Auditors with Mr Acock. The Society of Accountants was established in 1885, initially as a reaction to the restrictive nature of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), founded in 1880. In 1957 the Society merged with the ICAEW and all members thereafter were Chartered Accountants.

In the early days there were 7 clerks working at Martin and Acock, whose total earnings for the year added up to £550.

A Growing Firm

Changes to the taxation of farmers during WW2 gave rise to a significant number of new clients, as profit and loss accounts now had to be produced for the Inland Revenue. As our client base and team expanded, so too did we – with offices opening within market towns and amongst the communities we served.

Our Home Today

When our firm outgrew its original Haymarket base, we moved to London Street and, some 30 years later, to offices in the Cathedral Close.

We rebranded to M+A Partners in 2009, the same year in which we moved a short distance from No 2 to our current address of No 7 The Close.

M+A Partners is still very much built on the skilled people within it, and we continue to work together to help individuals and organisations of all sizes with progressive advice that adds value.

No.7 The Close