Tax Investigation Service

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is facing more pressure than ever before to reduce the “tax gap” – this is the difference between what HMRC expects to collect in taxes and what it actually collects.

With additional funding being made available to HMRC, we expect that this means increased enquiry activity and puts taxpayers at a greater risk of an HMRC enquiry, now more than ever before. This applies to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals’ tax affairs.

If your tax affairs are selected by HMRC for enquiry, the process can be time-consuming and take several months to resolve, even if there is no additional tax to pay at the end of the enquiry. Any enquiry will incur professional fees. In more complex cases, those fees could amount to thousands of pounds.

At M+A Partners we know the stress of an investigation is the last thing most taxpayers want to deal with. Any HMRC enquiry requires specialist advice and investigations are much easier to manage if you know what to expect.

We are on hand to support you and deal with your enquiry for you.

Your professional fees covered

M+A Partners offers a tax investigation service to its clients. The service covers, subject to terms and conditions, unforeseen professional costs arising from any correspondence or visit relating to an enquiry from HMRC.

By taking advantage of this service, you can have complete peace of mind that we will deal with the whole enquiry process on your behalf and our fees for doing so will be met directly by the administrator of the scheme.

Download our factsheet below for further details on our Tax Investigation Service.

How We Add Value

  • Removes the uncertainty of unexpected professional fees
    for your defence
  • Allows M+A Partners to defend your case
  • Gives you the resources to achieve a fair result
  • Gives you telephone access to Croner Taxwise Ltd – fee protection service, employment and health & safety specialists

Resources to Help You

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