Schools and Academies

The Academies programme is continually evolving and presenting new challenges to schools at all stages of conversion. We have an established record of providing informed advice to the sector ensuring that the demands of company and charity legislation, together with the Education Funding Agency’s reporting requirements, are addressed.

Independence from your local authority creates opportunities and also requires enhanced financial reporting systems to manage your regulatory responsibility. Our experts guide you through all aspects of accounting and taxation and are here to help find the answers to your finance related issues.

How We Add Value:

  • Delivering cost-effective and robust statutory audits
  • Helping you establish effective accounting and taxation procedures that comply with regulatory reporting requirements
  • Developing financial systems, controls and risk management policies
  • On-going support to the finance team, available to answer all queries including payroll and employment tax issues
  • Specialist advice on tax and VAT
  • Guiding you through the financial, funding and governance implications of converting to an academy.