Our specialist team has a real understanding and experience of the issues faced by farmers and businesses in this sector. Our belief is that by asking the right questions, at the right time, we can introduce cost and efficiency savings into your operation.

We offer guidance to all sizes of business within the agriculture sector, from small farms to large estates. It is our aim to deliver a proactive, strategic approach that minimises tax pressures, maximises profit and develops future opportunities within your business.

How We Add Value

  • Provide comprehensive accounting services, including an end of year valuation, that gives you a secure position from which to grow
  • Assist with taxation queries to minimise and mitigate potential tax liabilities
  • Specialist guidance in extracting information from your accounts, identifying areas of risk and profitability and helping devise strategies for your future
  • Support in utilising the latest farm accounting software packages, giving you an accurate indication of your position at the start of each year
  • Help with succession planning, handing your farm to the next generation and making sure you meet the conditions for Agricultural Property Relief (APR)