Government Gateway accounts to be replaced with One Login

GOV.UK One Login is a new universal login that is being introduced across all government web services over the next three years, replacing the current Government Gateway accounts.

One Login does as it says in the title – provides taxpayers with one account, username, password, and identity check that can be used to access any government service.  This includes a user’s HMRC personal tax account.

The Cabinet Office said: “The GOV.UK One Login programme as a whole has a cost of £305m, which includes development, implementation, running the system, and support for users and services. This is over a three-year period and will see up to 145 services from across government join by March 2025.”

HMRC will be one of the first departments to implement the new service, and eventually, One Login will replace all existing login and identity checks. This means that, once enrolled into the new One Login service, you will need to use this to access your HMRC account.

It is also expected that Agents (such as M+A Partners) will be moved away from our existing access mechanisms to HMRC systems onto One Login, but at present, there are no details as to how and when this will be implemented for us, as your HMRC agent.  We will let you know more once we have that information.

What is One Login?

The idea behind One Login is that it makes life easier for the user, there’s just one login to remember to be able to access any government service.

Once you have created your One Login account, for example, to access services through HMRC, you will be able to use the same login to use other services such as applying for a grant, managing family support services, and signing a mortgage deed.

The full list of services currently accessible via One Login can be found here.

Your One Login account area will include details of the other government services you have used, email subscriptions, and sign-in details – so these can all be centrally managed by you.

Stay vigilant

One Login is being developed with a serious focus on data security and the intention of reducing fraud, however, users should be vigilant of any phishing emails purporting to be from HMRC and asking them to click on links to set up their new One Login account.

We are concerned that the switch to One Login is unfortunately an opportunity for fraudsters to target taxpayers and coerce them into thinking they need to take immediate action.

It should be stressed that taxpayers do not need to action anything or set up a One Login account until they are contacted by HMRC to do so.

Phishing emails, where criminals pretend to be an organisation you trust to gain access to personal or financial data, are increasingly sophisticated and often look like genuine communications from reputable bodies.

The National Cyber Security Centre has some helpful guidance on how to spot and report scam emails, texts, websites and calls.

Security measures

One Login will include two-factor authentication, meaning that in addition to setting up a password, users will also have to set up their account with a code to ensure the security of the login process.

As One Login will also be a service that enables users to prove their identity, there is naturally a heightened recognition of the threat of fraud. The government emphasises the fact that there will be advanced counter-fraud measures in place to make sure users are in fact who they say they are.

How to get started

HMRC will be contacting existing Government Gateway users to advise them when to start using the new One Login service – there is no requirement for taxpayers to get in touch with HMRC to make the switch. This is so that a phased transition away from Government Gateway can be managed as smoothly as possible.

Users who do not currently have a Government Gateway account will be amongst the first to create their One Login.

Until you are contacted by HMRC, you should continue to use your Government Gateway login to access services in the usual manner.  If you are in any doubt, please ask us for assistance.

To access some services, users will need to prove their identity. There are three ways to prove your identity with One Login

  • With the GOV.UK ID Check app;
  • By answering security questions online; and
  • At a Post Office

Full details of how to prove your identity can be found here.

When signing up to One Login, users will have to

How M+A Partners can help

If you receive a communication to set up a One Login account and are unsure of its authenticity, please get in touch with your usual M+A Partners contact or email

If you are concerned in any way whatsoever that the contact you receive from HMRC may not be genuine, speak with us immediately to ask for our assistance.

Our team of experts are here to help with any queries you may have on your Government Gateway or new One Login account.